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About Us

Everything in the world that surrounds us was initially just an idea in someone’s head which fortunately managed to saw the light of day because someone else believed in it. The project was the idea of Kaloyan Gyupchanov – a professional with long experience in the wine trade. With him and the wine it was love at first taste and usually the love for wine lasts a lifetime.

“I am convinced that I will add a colorful touch to the wine trade in our country because it is high time someone different came to the market - a new merchant and a new sales scheme which would pay more attention to the small and valuable manufacturers that we are fortunate to have.

We offer Emotion instead of promotion.”

The goal of “Win Wines” project is building a network of “wine experience” that will enable direct distribution of high quality wines (wines with their own character, spirit and strong sense of belonging to a particular region), as well as the union of the specialists in all spheres of the field which aims to give the answers of all the professional questions about wine asked by new and present members down the whole chain (restaurants, hotels, specialized stores, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, collectors).

We are starting off at hard times but this can only push us forward in our way which we’ll walk together with all people that support us.

May the Wine be with us.

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