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Wine Club

As a member of our wine club, each month and on your given address you will get two or four bottles of specially selected wine. This way you get:

  • Guaranteed emotion caused by your interaction with the spirit of the particular region;
  • Limited batches of wine;
  • Free delivery;
  • Easy choice of wine;
  • A possibility to select red wines or set of red and white wines.

There is a three-month and a six-month membership.

  • Start Club - 40 leva per month for 2 bottles of wine monthly. The price for 3 months is 120.00 lv. and for 6 months is 240.00 lv.
  • Advance Club - 76 leva per month for 4 bottles monthly. The price for 3 months is 228.00 lv. and for 6 months is 430.00 lv.

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