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WinWines - terroir club

   Welcome to Win Wines – the first direct seller of artizanal wines of limited batch, made with grapes gathered by hand. Win Wines selects wine for you seeking out the smallest but most dedicated producers of quality wine. We chose to start off with carefully selected Bulgarian wines of marked individuality, produced with the minimum amount of technology and made of grapes cultivated and gathered by hand and we continue with Slovenian wines from small and artizanal producers.

   The best way to contact us is via our contact form or with the help of our partners in the country(independent wine consultants) to whom we’ll direct you or who have already connected to you. You can also join us as an independent wine consultant with knowledge of wines as well as an end customer or a member of our wine club.

   Apart from inspiring wine experience, ability to gain access to limited batches of wine, which you can’t find in stores outside the winery, personal attention and direct shipment included in the price, you will also receive a membership card which will offer you many possibilities.

   You can order all wines, gifts and accessories in the website in our online store.

   The shipping is free for orders of one case (6 bottles) of wine or over.

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