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DUX 2010/11, Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot

   DUX is a result of our great experience in the Bulgarian North-West and its original character confirmed our conviction about the abilities of selected spots to introduce truly fine Bulgarian wine on the international scene. Grapes of over fifty years old vines which are less prone to the vagaries of the weather, grown on a hilly terrain overlooking Danube river are used.  Processed with minimal technological intervention and bottled after at least five years maturation in American and Bulgarian oak barrels, not necessarily new.

   DUX is the magic that helped crossing the labyrinth of emotional incentives and intellectual hints. For we believe that there is no more blessed job than that to cultivate the land and put on the table so refined product as a fine wine. It shows how rich, elegant and expressing in a specific way its origin could a Bulgarian wine be. These things are not connected to shiny offices and marketing strategies, but to distinctive character of the wine.

    And if elsewhere the emergence of such wine would lead to revolutionary or at least significant changes, we can now take pleasure of the slow evolution of the ideas on the efforts in making and delight in touching such wine as the memory of it wouldn’t languish.

    Even the name suggests what could be expected. The superlatives varied from “classic” to “highly intellectual wine”. The terroir is so exceptionally expressed that even the five years in barrel hasn’t modified its character or threaten its elegance. But the most important thing is that through this wine we already know better the land we live and work on.


Price: 98.00 lv.

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