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Verus Vineyards, Slovenia

They - Danilo, Božidar and Rajko - are friends and winemakers who put their expertise and utmost care into making this wine a true expression of one of the world’s greatest white wine vineyards. Their grandparents and parents have for decades been closely connected to vineyards and wine so we have something in common - family tradition.

Through their  wine you and your friends can share their passion and love for nature which gave them this magnificent fruit – they will preserve it just for you.

Verus was founded in 2007, when also the first harvest took place. In the same year, a modern wine cellar was opened in Ormož. The company has 10 hectares of own vineyards. The remaining part of grapes required is purchased from the best viticulturists from surrounding areas that follow our instructions and work under our monitoring from the pruning to the harvest.


Mission and Vision

Their mission and name is Verus. It stands for true, real, actual, also sincere, genuine, fair etc.. They always advocate such a relation to anybody they meet, whether personal or through their  wine. These characteristics distinguish also their vineyards and people working there.


With the required expertise and precise work in the vineyards and the cellar they  strive for their wine to maintain the fresh taste of grapes, of the location, the soil, the vintage and the surrounding area.

They will exert utmost efforts to secure that their wine boasts of distinctive variety, fruity taste and to be high in extract and character.

Location and climate

Their  vineyards are located in Styria (Štajerska) Slovenia, on the Jeruzalem – Ormož hills (between 46° 24’ and 46° 31’ N, as well as 16° 05’ and 16° 19’ E).

The vineyards are seated in Jeruzalem, Litmerk, Kog, Vinski vrh and Brebrovnik, on the slopes with a 30 to 40 % incline and an altitude of 300 – 340 m.

They are well aware that the type of soil and the climate have a great impact on the grapes’ character and consequently the wine itself. The vineyards are defined through grey marl and sandstones, with typical diverse soil; the soil on hills and slopes is sandy and fine, whereas in lower gently sloping areas the soil is more clayey.

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