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MAXXIMA trade mark

     Having offered the first ever Bulgarian ICON wines to connoisseurs in 2000 Maxxima Cellars continues with the same spirit and enthusiasm in upholding its main mission – achieving the best expression of the best and most popular varieties (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Gamza, Mavrud and Chardonnay) grown in the best sites. Maxxima Cellars has been in the market for15 years now with consistant and proven quality, an important factor in delivering value to customers.

     Limited quantities of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Viognier and other varieties from

selected growers in Northwestern Bulgaria are also crushed.

     By choosing from highly selected vineyards and by limiting the yield of grapes to maximize the expressive character of the wines, the winemaker embraces the philosophy of letting the peculiar terroir speak for itself. Consequently, only a small quantity of table and sparkling wines are produced each year.
     The focus now is on planting vineyards on exciting terrains and there has been already 7 ha planted, parts of which are nestled below the famous Belogradchik rocks over red sandy-rocky soil. It is one of those special places with an abundance of rocks, mountainous scenery, wildflowers, and herbs.
The premier vintage is expected in 2009, mostly marsanne, roussanne, viogner, gammay and pinot noir.
     The guiding philosophy of the winemaker is that wine is dictated by the place where the
grapes were grown. Thus, while applying traditional viticultural methods, the winemaker
believes that a truly fine wine stems from the combination of terroir and the winemaker’s
dedication to produce wines with a sense of place, balance, and finesse.


Adriana Srebrinova

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