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Send your own label project

Send us your own label project and we will print it and put it on the bottles of your chosen wine.

Stages of creation:

  • We choose the particular type of wine as well as the number of bottles;
  • Bear in mind the following label dimensions, based on the shape of the bottle:

    • A bottle of Bordeaux:
      • Regular label: 90 mm./ 95 mm.;
      • Large label: 105 mm./ 120 mm.;

    • A bottle of Burgundy:
      • Regular label: 90 mm./ 85 mm.;
      • Large label: 105 mm./ 120 mm.

  • Prepare your own project containing the following requisites: 
    • Brand, type and vintage;
    • Volume and alcohol content;
    • Design, message and logo of your won choice.
  • The file you send must have the extension .eps ; .cdr .psd .or tif (cmyk 300 dpi).

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