Боровица Бел Муж 2021, работен етикет

30.00 лв.


A white wine that repeats the sound and physiognomy of wines from years ago.

A wine, a namesake of a fresh cheese appetizer from the northwest of the same name.

Just as white wine was made in the region of Borovitza. This is in line with our understanding of making natural wines, as they were made by our parents, or as it is!

No preservatives or cooling systems are used, which stress and unify the wines.

Slow and quiet fermentation, in small stainless steel vessels with natural yeast.

The different varieties make the wine rich, deep, multi-layered and unique.

A wine that satisfies all our receptors.

Blend from Rikat/Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc/Viognier

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