Боровица Блъш Букет 2021, работен етикет

21.00 лв.

Blush Bouquet is the result of the most delicate juice after carefully squeezing the grapes. The second step after Blanc de Noir."Bouquet"is a variety created in 1951 in the experimental field in the town of Septemvri, by crossing between Mavrud and Pinot Noir, as the variety was studied by the Institute of Viticulture and Enology in Pleven in 1951.

Blush Bouquet is produced for well-known reasons, namely: when there are parameters from the harvest itself, when the grapes are not ready for the production of classy red wine, we are ready to offer wine connoisseurs to discover the beauty and splendor of this rose.

It’s production is carried out with a press to obtain a must of about 50% yield and fermentation of the must as white wine, without the use of shock cooling.

Blush is a step in the use of the press and depending on the indicators and the balance of the important parameters of the grapes.

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