Chateau Grand Peyrot 2015, St. Croix Du Mont AOC

32.00 лв.

Château Grand Peyrot is a winery located in the A.O.C. (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) Sainte Croix du Mont, which is a wine-growing region in the Bordeaux area of France. The A.O.C. Sainte Croix du Mont is known for producing sweet white wines, similar in style to the renowned Sauternes wines. Château Grand Peyrot is specifically known for its production of sweet wines made from grapes affected by the noble rot, a beneficial fungus called Botrytis cinerea. This fungus causes the grapes to dehydrate, concentrating their sugars and flavors, resulting in rich, luscious wines with a complex flavor profile.

The vineyards of Château Grand Peyrot are typically planted with the traditional white grape varieties of the region, such as Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscadelle. These grapes are harvested in multiple passes, as the noble rot affects the grapes at different stages of ripeness, allowing for a selection of grapes with varying levels of sweetness and flavor intensity.


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