Шато Рекун Кюве Тера Рекогнита 2015, AOC Bordeaux Supérieur 🍷🎅

36.00 лв.

This premium wine is vinified from the oldest vineyards of Château Recougne. Terra Recognita is produced only during the best vintages and competes with some of the best wines in Bordeaux.

Through this new vintage made with the emblematic vintage 2015, the 4th generation represented by Elodie and Marc wanted to pay tribute to the family history and know-how passed on since 1938. A project that traces the origins of Château Recougne, as a return to the roots! The particular geology of some parcels of the property is unique: blue clays laden with iron oxide. It is similar to that of the Pomerol PlateauPomeroland offers the perfect conditions to obtain exceptional grapes.
Merlot particularly likes this soil loaded with iron oxide, where very dense, very fruity wines with impressive aging potential are produced.
Château Recougne has built its identity thanks to its aptitude for ageing, offered by this unique terroir.

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