Xavier Milhade

Xavier Milhade
Xavier Milhade family

The family story begins with Damis Milad

who in 1938 moved to Chateau Recougne to grow vines and make wine.

In 1947, his son Jean, a young chemical engineer, joined his father to continue to expand the company by increasing the size of the vineyards and introducing new equipment for wineries. In 1961, he and his wife, Helen, began selling their wines to private customers in the mail. This is proving to be an extremely successful approach that encourages them to continue to grow. The 1960s were a period of significant growth for family estates in Liborne.

After graduating in oenology from the University of Bordeaux, Xavier, the son of Jean and Helen, soon found his place in the family company. The vineyards continued to expand until 1996, when Chateau Boutisse, a 25-hectare AOC Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, was added to the family estates.


4th generation

The new generation, represented by the children of Xavier and Agnes: Mark and Elodie, continues to work and now manages all aspects of the production and sales of family estates and the wine business. Mark joined his father in 2005 after graduating in engineering and was mainly involved in manufacturing and viticulture. Elodie joined them in 2010 after completing her business training to consolidate sales of wines from family estates and a selection of wines from partners and Bordeaux Crus Classés, through the company known as: „Samazeuilh et Cie“.

Chateau Recougne

Château Recougne

Chateau Recougne has been the historic family property of the Milad family since 1938. Today it is run by Mark and Elodie Milad, who are brother and sister.
They represent the 4th generation and invest everything in the family know-how, working on sustainable viticulture and quality technological equipment to produce their Bordeaux Supérieur, which occupies a leading position in the appeal.

Near the Fronsac mound overlooking the Dordogne River, the 100-hectare vineyard stretches on sandy-clay slopes with iron bowels.
Composed mainly of Merlot, the vineyard also includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Carmener.
Каберне Фран и Карменер.

Thanks to its consistency and ever-improving harvests, Château Recougne has built a solid reputation over time. Château Recougne си е изградило солидна репутация във времето.


Château Boutisse / Saint-Emilion Grand Cru AOC

Château Boutisse was bought by the Milhade family, winegrowers in the Libournais region since 1938.
An estate of 25 ha located on the unique clay and limestone plateau of Saint-Emilion, a jewel of the family vineyards.
The new generation, represented by Mark and Elodie, the children of Xavier, continues to develop commercial and quality exploitation, respecting all traditional values. Efforts over the past few years have allowed Chateau Butis to position itself among the best chateaux in Saint Emilion.

"We grow our vineyard according to the highest quality, respectful methods
the environment, the life of our soils and biodiversity. We are certified with: HVE 3 and ISO 14001. "

Chateau Tour Bayard - Building

Château Tour Bayard / Montagne Saint-Emilion Grand Cru AOC

Château Tour Bayard is a family estate that covers 15 ha. Oriented South-East, the hillside vineyard has benefited since 1956 from the care of the Richard-Nicoletti family. Respectful of nature, the cultural practices chosen by Julien Richard (3rd generation and husband of Elodie Milhade) tend towards a single goal: to respect as much as possible the biodiversity of the soils and the environment, leaving the full expression to the Earth in the aim to harvest grapes healthy and natural, able to produce a quality wine.

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